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Sports LogoSports tournaments are continuing to grow across the state of Idaho. Tournaments consist of several individuals or teams that compete against other teams or individuals, typically in an all day event or stretched out over a weekend.


Idaho hosts thousands of sports tournaments for nearly every popular sport there is; volleyball, football, basketball, broom ball, hockey, golf, soccer, bean bags (corn hole), horse shoes, darts, pool, tennis and many more!

There are many different categories and levels to choose from. Most Idaho sports tournaments are split into 2 or 3 levels based on the number of teams and talent level of the teams that take part in the event. These "multi-stage" tournaments usually end up in bracket play where the top teams advance to play the other teams with the most wins or points and the teams that have lost will drop down to compete with the remaining teams that are at their level.

Most of these sporting events are organized by communities, schools, clubs or local bars. Some are for raising money, some offer prize money and some are simply for fun. Most charge a fee for you to enter the tournament. Prices vary greatly based on location and the intent of the competition.

Rules for each sports tourney differ based on location, size of the community and costs needed to manage the tournament. The host of the event usually decides what the rules and fee's will be.

School and community sports tournaments are a great way to get exercise, compete against others and practice good sportsmanship. Check out what sports tournaments are available in Idaho by choosing the sport you enjoy the most, at the top off this page.

Good luck, and have fun!


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Sports Tournaments and Competitions in Idaho

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